Monday, April 26, 2010

What's Up?

Yesterday I found the GMC channel just as "Facing The Giants" was about to start...I watched most of it and thought it was pretty good...definately would like to watch it with my husband. I think it's something that my husband and I could appreciate at this point in our lives.
Can you believe I have no library books? I know right! I just turned my remaining 5 in today.. but I have probably 5 or so "in transit" to my home. Over the weekend i got a little book happy and just added some to my list...Next week is a new month so they'll have new books to pick from! Joy! I love non-fiction because I love to learn!
Just a few weeks until our little vacation to TN, can't wait! Things are really rolling now... vacation...then moving...then school...Oh My!
I recently recieved a $10 off $10 or more purchase card for Kohls, took the hubster. Been awhile since I've been there but they have some nice things, even kitchen stuff. I let Rob use the card, he got some atheltic shorts, sale price was about $18, which is kind of high but with discount it was average and they are longer than his old ones.
So while i wait for my expected arrivals maybe I'll have a sweet week!
God Bless Ya'all!
Monday- pizza
Tuesday - Sweet Onion Chicken Subs
Wednesday - Chicken Helper
Thursday- Pork Chops
Friday - ???
Saturday- Taco Soup?

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