Friday, April 23, 2010

Alittle Religion For You...

I'm proud to say I'm christian and believe in Jesus here are some christian links I've recently stumbled on.....but first I'm glad to say that I'm now on the book of Job! And that I want to say that my favorite bible story as a child was Noah's Ark....have you seen Evan Almighty? Love it!
  • Children's Bible Lessons - this a neat learning tool type site, they have cute activities and quizzes for kids.
  • Popular Children's Bible Stories- has a very long list of bible stories; honestly i've enjoyed reading a few just to brush up on my knowledge.
  • Joyce Meyer- Of course! I read one of her "daily's" books and try to catch some of her morning devotionals on tv (i see them on Discovery Channel at 8 am M-F), I've also signed up for her magazine/newsletter thing which I got my first issue a few weeks ago (it's free!). I think you might be able to few the daily devotionals on the website (not sure) but if you haven't seen her speak you really should, she'd pretty funny.
  • Family Christian Stores - I've been to a few of there stores and there online store as well. Gotta love them, they sell more than just bibles! I got some super cute ear rings when i was teen, they have a couple beads and a small heart with a teeny tiny cross engraved on it!
  • Daily Bible Verse- Get a daily bible verse, i get one emailed every morning, i follow it with my morning prayer and it makes me feel like i got a good start on the day.
  • Lifeway- A christian resource site, don't know much about it but looks worth exploring...
  • C28- Christian store with some really cute tees and stuff, even baby onesies.

Well I think you get the picture....enjoy the sites, May God Bless Ya'all

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