Friday, April 23, 2010

Feels like Saturday

but wishing it was Sunday..... I'm all by myself. Rob is at work (actually called in a bit early and my mom is somewhere on the west coast of FL, probably at the beach. So I as embark on a realatively boring night by myself, tending to the dogs and stuff... I'm occupying some of my time online....
  • Saw this site on a blog, looks like a great shop for stockpilers or Mormons who wish to follow the food storage plan thingy..check it out
  • Sometimes when I'm bored I like to day-dream...when i was a kid I would browse catalogs for hours (still do once in awhile) but lately it's been house plans...because one day that dream will come true! The only problem is, what i want in a house is probably more than i'll be able to afford, which is why this home site is great b/c they list estimated building cost!

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