Thursday, April 1, 2010

Air Force Reserve?

I've come to find out that you can be a nurse in the reserves with an ASN.
So maybe that will be an option to consider...
Now i just gotta find out if they would pay someone to get a BSN while they served with their ASN.... that could be a means for me to get my next degree (intended on getting from day one).
It says that Basic is in San Antonio, not sure if that is for general enlistees or all enlistees (since medical field people typically get different training).'s still an option I guess....also you can be much older as reservist (age 34 rather than 27 but none applies to me because nurses can be 42)...
---Update: I literally emailed the AFR before i posted this about the tuition thing and they already responded! Awesome A+++ on time! Basically I or someone could use the GI Bill and tuition assistance..?... I'm not for sure abut the GI bill, he/she attempted a quick explanation about the payment and then went into being reimbursed after for monies not yet covered... Sounds awesome! So this could be a ticket to get my BSN or MSN...and I'd always have the op to transfer to active duty Air Force, if i wanted to probably but still unsure of any of this....just collecting "options"

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