Thursday, April 15, 2010

What a week so far...

  • The moment that made me smile and thankful for my husband: he watched that commercial/infomercial where like babies or toddlers are reading or something like that.... he was kind of surprised such little kids could do that and said that we should get that when we have kids so we can have the smartest kids.... I can't wait to have babies with my husband and i have faith that he'll be a great dad!
  • Saddest moment: Finding out Max has cushings (unless it was a false positive) even though I was prepared for a positive result it still is sad because I love my doggie! I just want him to live healthy and happy the rest of his years. True be told, this is as hard as losing a human being...knowing the fact that I will outlive him does not make it easier to swallow or hurt any less....This why I'll never, ever ever, watch Marley & Me again!!! I cried uncontrollablly!
  • My poor husband is at work as we speak, with a fever... i hope he will be well before is am shift tomorrow.... all he did was sleep until work, didn't even eat...Wait- he just walked in the door...still sick...might even call out tomorrow...meaning 4 day work week = less on pay check....uhhhh

Since most things that I have issues with I can not control... I'm putting my faith in God. That he'll take care of my max, take care of our finances (that i can pay for max's treatments), and aid us in keeping/getting in good health! Amen!

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