Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday Tidbits.....

So... now that I live in a house that has a gated community front... I may attempt to get one of those gate openers (like a garage opener) at Home Depot because we have 1 gate opener (came with house) but I'd like to have one and Rob too. It's just 10 times easier to press the botton in the car while you pull into the community VS pulling up to the key-pad and punching in 4 numbers....Anyone got advice on this?
Also, I have my blog linked onto my facebook account, I wonder if anyone ever clicks to view it? Most people would only know i have a blog if they looked at my info on FB (at least the peeps that know me IRL)..... leave me a comment or something if u clicked my FB link!
  • Got an email with new home plans loaded onto this nice website, here is another one that I like ....
  • One of my Fav cooking websites/blogs... I may have posted this before but Love her and she was on Today w/ Hoda & Kathy! Check it out (the best part is the pictures)... Click here for the "home" page..

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