Thursday, August 5, 2010

August 5th - Happy Birthday Hubby

Today is my sweetheart's 28th birthday!
And it hasn't been that
We "were" going to wake up, go to the vet together for Max. Then go to the bank and Ikea!!!! Then Chili's for dinner & search for a yummy ice cream cake! However.... shortly after waking up Rob gets called into work... (Dude is Gary, aka other prep cook, can't show up for all 3 shifts there is no way he should be 5 day prepper, he should just get is 2... especially when he doesn't show up on the day of the other prepper's (Rob) Birthday!!!!! ARgh!)
So I went to the Vet with Max... we just got back... he lost 1 pound but has an ear infection... so gotta clean/treat his ears for 2 weeks then he has to go back to see if it is gone and that no other infections have popped up. Went better than expected i guess because i thought he hadn't lost any! But his ear troubles did tack on about $80-90 to the bill.... ugh... luckily... God made sure we had an extra paycheck last month plus in 2 months I should have a fat check from school (to SAVE! & use for new glasses/contacts because Rob and I desperately need them- Dude I failed an eye test on my left eye with my glasses on! Embarressing but it's been like 3 or so years).
And we just got new tires on the Geo...It seems like everytime we have a chunk of extra money something comes to claim it but instead of feeling bummed I should be like " hey thank God because we really did need that"...
So... What's going on w/ Rob's b-day?
Probably do the Chili's & cake thing but Ikea with have to wait (sad face).
Rob's Birthday Count:
-From me: 1 pair special pants, playstation live for 1 year, & $30
- From Funderburg's: $50
-From My Mom: $50 + Card
- From Rob's Mom: Card
I'd have to say, from past experiences, there is probably a 10% chance Rob will get anything else from his family, and he will get some money from my dad in a couple weeks. BTW I'm so grateful for my family

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