Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Home sweet home... or something like that..

I'm home... yay... well i missed my husband and my pets but that's about it.
  • I started some laundry. Rob had a few piles and i'm not sure what or if they are clean/dirty so i am washing some, rob can finish i guess...
  • I unpacked my stuff
  • I tried cleaning a spot in the shower, the grout, that is tinted a bit darker- dirtier... but no lucky, even the product with blench didn't really do anything- I'm stumped...
  • I paid my car tags, newspaper renewal, made a vet appointment for max tomorrow (not looking forward to it because i weighed him and he hasn't lost weight... i hope i get a different vet lady who just looks him over and gives the shots because i don't really want to get into a big event with taking max back again and again... plus i need more serum because ours is expired- opps)
  • Tomorrow is Rob's birthday... so after the vet we might do something, he wants to eat chilis....

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