Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What a day!

I did get a mailed package but email works, for my nursing school orientation info.
I feel like i have 20 things to do but it's not that much. Today i scheduled my life support class and uploaded 2 vaccine forms, trying to get signed up for my FIT thing & in the next couple days will figure out when next week I'll get my physcial/vaccines/tb test & drug test.
Going to wash my Max, but this is what i need to do by July (really july 16th but want to get it done so i can go to TN).
  • Get Physical
  • Get Varicella Titer (maybe Hep B too)
  • Get Varicella vaccine & Hep B too (if beg titers)
  • Get tetnus & flu vaccine
  • Get TB tested
  • Complete Basic Life Support class (w/ CPR cert)
  • on Orientation day: get FIT done, uniforms fitting/ordered, formal orientation, sign up for nursing assoc.
  • Get Drug Test
  • Get my Background check results (already started, just waiting)

I think that is it for school

tomorrow I'll be going to the dentist in the morning (been almost 10 years, sort of nervous, insurance only covering 20% for "emergency" type service). Then at 4 I'll be seeing a house w/ my mom, although I'm not sure how it will go but hoping for the best......So sometime in the next month or so I'll be moving as well...talk about a busy busy summer....Not to mention all those tests/vaccines/uniforms will cost about $900 (not including the cost of new khaki's since i don't own a single pair!) And I still have books to buy (before class but "might" be able to use Fin Aid, not for sure yet)...so yeah alot to do, alot of money....add school drama + momma drama + tn extended stay = lots of work in less than 2 months.... I'm up for it though!

I'm just worried about tomorrow...gulp!


  1. It went ok, but i was griping the arm rests with my hands, my knuckles must have been white! Now i just gotta get all nursing stuff done and find a new home plus pack all in the next month, so i can go to TN and hang out with my Kayla for a month.

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