Saturday, May 29, 2010

Publix trip sans photo

Went to Publix Got 21 items for $28
BOGO Edy's Ice cream (rob's fav we don't usually buy b/c it' so pricey)
BOGO Oscar Meyer hotdogs (used free coupon makes 2 packs free!)
Yakisoba noodles (sale 60 cents, used $1/2 Q, 10 cents each)
Got other things too, even some unplanned like milk, pork chops, chips....but still saved over $35 (more than we spent).
Think im going to do some packing.
Sort of had a little hiccup yesterday when my school sent out an email informing us that the uniform fitting was rescheduled to july 16th but instructed students to send email if that posed a problem. I did and the response was that on orientation Mrs. Hansen will take care of it.... not sure what that means but maybe she can get our sizes/measurements for us?

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