Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day...

Is memorial day really a happy day?
Isn't kind of sad?
I understand it is respecting and appreciating the fallen soliders and for some just remembering everyone who have passed. I dad was in the national guard and i'm not sure if that makes him a "veteren" but my grandpa served in the army and was even deployed overseas.
So my day was spent grocery shopping (got a shirt my orientation, pink!) & house hunting (for rent, not sale). We didn't go into any but drove to a few and tomorrow after my errands i'm gonna call about "seeing" a couple. Hopefully we can have one nailed down soon and praise Jesus we can move out of here. I have a new found appreciation for peace, quiet, & serenity. I guess this was a lesson from God or maybe just Karma.
So going to spend more money tomorrow!!!
Getting the honda fixed up & if i'm lucky my titer results will be positive (meaning i do have immunity to chicken pox by way of having had it or vaccination. if negative then i have to get the shot!). Then all i'll have to do is go to my CPR class (saturday), get my FIT test done at orientation, and go to orientation (completeing whatever i need to there, like the uniform issue) And I'll be ready to starting nursing classes in late August & ready to go to TN to spend a last hurrah with my nieces and brother/sis-in-law and maybe get to hang out with my good friend and uber of course!!!
Wish Me Luck
(on a slightly more sad note I returned about 8 books to the library and was only done with 2 or 3... I guess this is how it will be because i'll no longer have the free time to dilly dally around with library books, the only books I'll probably be opening are my school books, the bible, & my waking up with God book. So in 2 years when i'm done with school & land a sweet job, i'll probably binge on library books or buy a few at least!)

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