Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost is done...

Do you watch LOST?
I watched the long finale last night, cried during half of it. The best part for me was Charlie & Claire getting back together. Up until then, i think his death several seasons before was the most prominent scene of the show for me. But I'm still somewhat "lost" about Lost!
I read a few opinions and this it what i get.... Either they all died in the crash and the whole show was like purgatory Or they all died at some point on the island and the sideways thing was purgatory...??..
For me, I think it is easier to believe the first idea, at least for the most part. But i'll never really understand. All in all it was sad to know that they did all die, there was no happily ever after with everyone being saved from the island to "live" there lives... maybe they were saved from the island but only to continue to afterlife (heaven) together. When Jack was laying the in sand dying, was that really after years of island life or was that minutes after the crash? I guess it's much like life. I don't understand it all or why somethings weren't/aren't prevented but in the end the end is the same, the destination is the same regardless of the means.
What else is going on in my life?
  • ATM waiting for the mail to arrive so i should have my nursing packet (or will need to email school -ugh!)
  • Going to the dentist wednesday, not looking forward to them looking in my mouth and saying which cavity do u want fixed (b/c i have so many and can't afford them all)
  • Going to work on packing b/c i'm moving! Looking forward to not having my rude neighbors but not looking forward to the hell-lacious drive, nor the fact that my mom is being more selfish and less compromising...but hey as long as we make through nursing school and license i'll be free of dependance and better off (moving again)
  • Hopefully, pending school information/requirements, I'll be packing up my car and Max to spend some more time in TN (hope the packet comes)

That is mainly what is going on, trying to take it as it comes but truthfully I'm not too happy about the living situation and am just trying to focus and get through it so I came move on with my husband, doggies, & kitties.....And that will probably be TN. The next 2 years will be interesting, as well as the next few after that. Maybe in 5 or 6 years Rob and I will being closing on a house in TN with little Dax and our lovely jobs. It won't be easy but once we're there it will be great!

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