Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Mon- Pizza
Tues- Tomato Soup w/ grilled cheese
Wed- ?? something easy
Thursday- Out (road trip)
Fri- Pizza?
Sat- Burgers?
Sun- ??
Mon- ??
Tues- Out
We're getting ready for out Trip, probably will be our only one this year...might be are last one for awhile since fabulous nursing school starts in August.... (if any trip were to occur it'd have to be on break time which is probably 2 weeks in May, 2 weeks in August, and 3-4 weeks for Christmas Holiday dec/jan) at least until May 2012!
I have no idea what will go during my trip except visiting my family but i'm game to see what pops up! Gonna miss my doggies a bunch! Been a while since I've actually been w/o them (may 2008).
On another note... My boobs are having their birthday or Anniversary - they are about 2 years old!

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