Saturday, August 22, 2009

randomness + Prayer request

Here's a few tidbits i'm passing along to ya'all........

  • New site for coupons-> All You
  • Sign up at the Smithfield pork products website and print up 2 coupons for $3/1 Bacon...probably would be super cheap or free! (Love a little bacon on my burger or in cheesy potato soup or just for BLT's)
  • one of my Fav stores is having an sale online $10 off all bottoms . My husband loves the pants, i love the skirts, and I bought a few items including one of the shorts super cheap after sale! Pink +Skull= how could i say no? ;)

  • Did you get the BOGO coupon for Venom energy drink? Go here... & pein twice per computer

Just a reminder, True Blood on tomorrow at 9 pm...should be pretty damn good as we quickly come to a close on the season. Also Big Love has started filming their next seaeson . And most importantly, Monday I'm going to take the NET so pray I do good, at least better than 65% so that I can turn my in Nursing App that day as well (meaning I will begin August 2010=Graduate May 2012). The test in about 3 hours so if ya'all can throw a prayer my way I'd be more than grateful since this will impact my future and make the dif between graduating before 30. :)

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