Saturday, August 15, 2009

Death Panel?

I was watching the Bill Maher show on HBO and this topic came up. I haven't watched the news in weeks so I had no clue. I'm not exactly sure what it is all about but what i picked up on is that it is a proposed system that would have doctors or a specialist discuss "end of life" choices. Which could lead to denial of health care, like to an eldery person or maybe an elderly person with a bad disease. Sounds like a way to cut money for health care but letting people die. I thought that was one of the great things about this country, we won't let anyone die. I mean seriously? If an illegal Mexican immigrant can get food stamps and health care then I may not be eligible in my later years. Sounds messed up to me.

They also discussed global warming and the pentagon forming plans to deal with government effected disasters, like running out of water and mass migration, this could lead to a powerless government.

All I know is that I don't currently have insurance but believe that will change; I hope to have some insurance and the bestest care for the rest of my life (so long as i actually go to the dr). And i really hope the global warming aftermath stuff doesn't happen in my lifetime.

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