Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Self-Sufficient Life....

This book, The Self Sufficient Life & How to Live it, is of my fav books. It's perfect for those wanting to reduce there dependence on society and the retail world, but also good for instruction about growing or raising your own food.

This photo is one of 2 ideas of how to lay out your land. This "model" is what the author suggests for 1 acre of land. This would be a "fantasy" of mine, it would be neat to save money and reduce dependency, although it is currently not in the cards for my life. (thus the "fantasy" part) Great for people who want to live off the grid....


  1. I can see your blog!!! Our other computer isn't working very well so I got out the laptop and voilla!!! Your blog showed up! I'm so happy!

    This would be great!