Tuesday, August 4, 2009

9 Movies = $32

Without A Paddle
The Stepford Wives (remake)
Wedding Singer
Blades of Glory
-----------------------Each Above $3
Amityville Horror (original & remake)
The Rundown
Final Destination
--------------------Each Above $5
-----------------------------------= $32 (+ tax)
A few days ago we also bought Final Destination 2 ($5) & Jaws ($5)
All these movies were located in the $5 Movie bin. We also pulled out a few that were over $5 but didn't buy them. We probably spent 25 minutes digging through them, we were looking for one advertised on the sign attached to the bin (old school) but after digging for so long we gave up and pulled a few "potential" buys, price checked'em. We were just going to get 4 (=$20) but when we found that some we were considering were only $3 we decided to take advantage of it.