Tuesday, July 14, 2009


  • First of all, one of my fav reality tv shows has started up (pretty much annual thing) Big Brother on CBS (airs 3 times weekly). I've been watching it for nearly a decade I think. And even when I was just a new adult I wanted to sign up for it but you have to be 21 and well by the time 21 came around the urge ceased and honestly...I'd bet money on me getting booted out pretty early on....I do not thrive in large social settings with strangers....
  • Secondly, after turning in an assignment for a class I was doodling around on the internet (trying to PG my phrase...I usually use another 7 letter word...) And found some pretty delicous sounding & looking recipes that I believe are not too far out there in ingredients and possiblely kid friendly...?... go here.... Kraft Recipes .....I found one that I'll be making next week Hot Ham and Cheese Roll Ups! - Maybe BFF Megan & BB Ben can get some ideas there..(BB= Big Bro)
  • Thirdly....some may know that mu husband's hours at work have been slashed in half due to the lack of summer business for the restaurant he works at....but he was called aka awoken today and went into work....he is still there, which at nearly 3:00 has been 7 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is/was only scheduled 14 this week....hopefully he'll still get those 14 and won't get cut. I guess the top 2 things on my prayer list are husband better hours/work and that my baby Max is healthy (and other pets too).

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