Thursday, July 2, 2009


Happy Birthday Mom
Today I'm making a Paula Deen Pineapple cake. But before that I had to run some errands. Including spending 2 hours at the car dealership getting the underneath splash guard replaced....why u ask? Because someone parked it to close to the cement thingy and my car sits a hair low so it often will scrape it. Well Saturday before the concert as i was pulled the car out it make a horrible scraping sound. Long story must have gotten loose because most of it was missing (probably was scraping the ground and "flew" off on 528). So they removed what small piece was left (and hitting ground) and it cost me $118. But the brakes and air are perfecto... Well worth the peace-of-mind.
Now i'm going to look through/ organize some stuff in boxes that are in our "storage closet" aka 3rd bedroom/office closet.
Tomorrow got a date with the in-laws....

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