Monday, July 13, 2009

April 16, 2010

Save the date because that is the projected release for the remake of a Nightmare on Elm Street.....I have even heard that the girl playing Nancy has signed a contract to do 2 films as Nancy....NOES 2?
I've got a date with the Hubs this week to see the new Harry Potter.... I used to despise the cult of Hogwarts but after my husband forced me into watching one of them, I sorta had to watch them all. It's probably the way he feels about me making him watch True Blood. Just have to know what is going to happen....
Did you watch True Blood last night?
We got to meet's just weird seeing these characters and knowing what will happen in the future....or at least how it all goes down in the book. This Jessica is being to grow on me least she isn't so bratty anymore. Can't wait to see what happens with Hoyt...And then poor Jason...I really feel sorry for the guy, I think he is confused and vulnerable to these Fellowship of the Sun people....he should have just gotten some thearpy....And WTF is up with Eggs...I think it's not going to go well for Tara...


  1. I'm with you on the Eggs thing and Jason but I just don't get the whole Jason storyline. I hate that it has gone so off course from the book but it is interesting just weird...

  2. I don't mind the Jason changes or even that Layfette lived. I just hope they stay true to the main plot of Sookie. Like her love life and all the stuff that happens to her, so far I'd have to say they general are true to that. I do love the show either way but would be more disappointed if certain someone doesn't get together with someone else.....if ya know what I mean..wink wink... :)