Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I've been in a rut that last week or so with my school work. Getting back on WoW has only fueled the flames of procrastination but today, as I actually learned a tad bit about Renal Disease (Nutrition course), my desire to learn and accomplish is renewed. Example, I have 3 assignments, in which i only need to do 1 but am tempted to do them all just because I'll learn more. I must be on a education high lol.
  • 1 week left and all i have are 2 finals & 2 asignments left (i think I will miss school after a couple weeks on nothing but wow and maybe job hunting)
  • I plan on pulling out the old Anatomy Book and brushing up, so easy to forget all those details, like the names of each of the 206 bones(and locations) Damn how did Kelly get A's on everything & raise 3 kids?
  • On to the otherside of life, did you go to Starbucks today and get your free baked good item when you buy a handcrafted drink? We did but by the time we went (9:30) they had super slim pickins (stayed up to late on wow....most addictive game ever!)
  • In my Nutrition book it says that you if you reduce your kcals (calories) by 500 daily, in 1 week you'll lose 1 pound, additionally the same theory works with exercising...burn 3500=lose 1 pound.....if you cut 500 and burn 500 everyday for 1 week you should lose 2 pounds/wk-----sounds hard---I spent 1 hour on the treadmill (can't run but walked fast 2.5-3mph) and only burned about 230 cals. I guess ifi do that EVERYDAY and cut 270 cals i'll lose 1 pound a week...
  • Wanna know if your "techniquely" obese/overweight/healthy/under? Give your height and weight I can tell you and your BMI.....You might just be surprised...
  • I "hear" ingles will have triple coupons....might wanna check it out Ben here and here
  • Guess What? Publix will have the Seasations BOGO in the next ad, if you got the $3/1 q's that means Free Fish....and easily cooked too....check here
  • BTW have you see in the Freebies at CVS/Wags for back to school? I know someone who should/could probably didn't get them.....& there kids go back to school in 3 weeks...go to CVS first week of August and get some BTS deals
  • Have you been to Chili's for the 3 courses/2 people=$20 deal? We did and it was super fantastic just spent $21.30 in FL (water to drink)....Going to back for Rob's birthday if deal still on.....
  • Last but not least...Sunday Coupon Preview

BTW I should be getting a sweet package from Old Navy on Thursday...look for a postie (super awesome deal on my fav super comfy shirts!)

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