Friday, January 7, 2011

Almost there...Nursing 2...

Well it's the last weekend before Nursing 2 begins. It does seem like it's been a long break but considering the next break between semesters is just 1 measly week.... I could use another week of R&R before it all begins.
So what will Nursing 2 be like?
I wish I could ask that to one who has already been there....
I know I'll have 1 hellicously long clinical at the hospital every week and some sort of paper (?) and some sort of "teaching" presentation (yikes!) and did I mention a time at the mental institution (hope they don't decide to keep me for observation..) also:
54 Pharmacology objectives (?)
Some sheet says "Nursing Labs" like lab tests/values?
A little bit if IV work (not started one)
and my fav (may be future hated) shots (aka injections)
So... like usual I'm a good mixture of excited and super duper scared. I'm scared of clinicals even more because they make me nervous. I'm afraid of failure to perform my duties accurately. So I hope God will step in and calm my nerves and give me a boost of confidence in times of need. My uniform may be all white but my face with a pink/red shade!
I try to block out what most others say, like "rumors" b/c they usually just cause me to overreact about something I can't control. I think as a nurse you need to maintain a certain level of "calm" so I'm practicing that with my Nursing school. I've seen fellow students complain or get upset or irritated over something here or there but when the day is done whatever it is - is what it is. I mean- getting upset or "bitching" doesn't change the situation (in this instance) so for me, and my "calm" attitude I just don't bother by spending time on the outrage? lol The truth is a simple change in schedule or something little to argue over with the teachers is just a mere speck of dust in comparison to what being a Nurse will be like- changes, inconsistencies, upset people to deal with--- I think that's part of the daily life of a nurse (but hey I'm not one yet so what do I know?)
So to my friends, family, and maybe the random nursing student who reads this... send me some prayers! I have 4 semesters left on my quest to be a RN and make a few little dreams come true for my family.
May God Bless Us All This Spring Nursing 2

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