Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Years!

Well my night didn't go well.....
We decided to take th dogs for a walk at 6:30pm, just after dark. It went well until about half way through when some idots starts shooting fireworks- Zoey went balastic! So we tried to quickly make it home but not before the "kids" shot off a couple more.... so once home he was ok but shaky and clearly scared out of his mind. And for some reason the fire works in a neighborhood went on constistantly for hours! And he barked everytime.... so after playing a couple hours of video games with my husband by 10 pm I had a horrable headache.... we decided to just go to bed.... Yeah I know, not very exciting, we didn't even stay up to kiss at midnight and wtch the ball drop. But what can I say, circumstances warrented a quick ending to a "Epic Fail" of a night.... Needless to say I woke up with the headache as well, in fact it is still lingered. I took 1000 mg worth of Excedrin and it has dulled it but i can still feel it faintly.
I evened missed my dad's midnight phone call to wish us a happy new year (saddness).
But anyways I'd like to begin by sharing a website with inspiration quotes, a little positive motivation to start the year going strong!

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