Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy First Friday of the 2011

  • So did you get last Sundays paper? Tons of inserts! and this week there will be 3!
  • I spent a little bit of my Xmas money today. I got an Old Navy coupon code that could have been up to 50% off (but was only 20) so I got some clearance stuff and in an act of unselffishness I got 3 items that are not for me. I'm just that loving, caring, and generous.
  • Just for fun I thought I'd mention 2 websites I've loving lately- Money Saving Mom - I've been following this one probably since I started couponing in 2008, very good blog that deals with saving money and being generous christians. Southern Plate - I got the cookbook from the library (great one) and saw the lady on the today show a week or so ago, good ole southern cooking!
  • Also I recently heard that the Duggar's new season will start in Feb (YAY- can't wait to see the 2nd grandduggar "in the making") and of course Tuesday (my first clinical 1/2 day and oritentation) Teen Mom 2 starts - I think Leah's little family is so aborable and can't wait to see her wed her twins daddy! (yes i'm a little strange and crazy but that makes me- me, right?)
  • I must confess... I like Sarah Palin's Alaska and although I don't know her political views she does seem to be family minded and I like it. Mostly I really want to take a trip to Alaska!

So... although the content above may not be exciting or even interesting to some of the whoever you are (viewing my blog)... This is just a glimpse into my interests, aside from Nursing....

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