Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wake Up Wednesday

So... if all goes as "planned" I'll be heading to TN in roughly a month (give or take) & staying there for a month! Sure I'll miss my husband and my other pets (my baby Max of course is coming with me, he's my co-pilot) but i think i'll have a pretty good ole time. I plan on taking it easy with my nieces and hanging out with my friend a little. Brushing up on my Anatomy, maybe even catch some deals...I have located a Rite Aid in morristown so I may attempt a trip there.... If something is worth it, right?
Tomorrow- Drug test & maybe walgreens & making cookies
Saturday- Life Support class
Tonight- chilling with my coupons, might study CPR
The house hunt is still on...slow moving....
Less than 3 months until my first nursing class starts....
so excited and yet nervous, I'll probably be like in my own little bubble then so don't be surprised if i'm just a blur passing ya by....