Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday sans Duggars...

this is my mom after her bech weekend getaway
Here are the shoes i bought today for my "professional" orientation thing

So the Duggars are in break or at least an airing break but hopefully it will just be a couple months until a new season rolls out and that Josie will be home....
In a couple weeks I'll be just about ready for school to start (but it doesn't start until aug 30th). I could close my eyes and it would feel like Jan 1st. It's kind of a weird and hard to explain feeling but i know in a few months i'll be saying "I could close my eyes and it would feel like june 8th" lol. Pretty soon i'll be deep into school and wishing, hoping, praying to get through it and finish it quickly!!! Graduation will truly be rewarding!

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