Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Walgreens 2/4/09

2- Theraflu Warming cold/flu medicines 2/$10
1- Fructis shampoo $3.99
1- National Enquire (for my mom) $3.49

Coupons :
2- $2 off 1 Theraflu
1- Walgreens $4.50 Register Reward


Wll Recieve $9.99 in Rebates
Made 52 cents

2- Splenda Granulas $2.99 ea

Coupons :
2-$3 off Splenda (priced down to 2.99)

Total--------------------------------------------$0 (Zero)
(it actually says 0 on the receipt)

So, it's almost as if I've spend nothing today but actully (when i get my rebate) I will have made an additional 52 cents.
However I didn't go to my norm Walgreens and had an issue doing the spenda deal but i went to my normal wags and went to my fav cashier and explained what a manager had told me over the phone (had an issue couple months ago, same type thing, he said they could change it for me if i told them prior to check out). She said she couldn't change the price (the manager said to me they'd change the $) but she would adjust the coupon. As long as i get my deal, i do not care how, as long as it is legal. I got really good deals and a headache too (literally) but in a month i'll have almost $10 back and a big smile on my face (sans the headache)!