Monday, February 2, 2009

My coupon organizer

This is my new coupon box, i used to used those coupon organizer plastic thingys but my coupons starting overflowing out of it. So a couple weeks ago I found this box at a new Staples. This is an amazing box because it has track system in it, so if you have one coupon you can have it tight or have 1000 you adjust it so they all stay neatly in their files. The cards came separate. Cost about $20 or so.
I only have 6 months worth of files because I ran out of cards. The blue ones are months, the yellow are non-food, the orange are food/edible items.
This is the same kind of box that Walgreens (at least the one i worked at) used to organize their weekly ad tags. The only place I've seen them is at Staples and they come in 3 different sizes, mine is 4 x 6.