Monday, January 14, 2013

Jan so far...

Well it's nearly halfway through the first month of 2013 and I don't have much to say or show for you. Working has definitely contributed to my stagnate, go with the motions kind of life. I've learned that it takes effort, which at times I have very little of. Of course I work tonight (the next 4 nights to be exact) so I'm trying to kick my start myself. I'm also trying to cut back on caffeine, which is working in a negative way with the "effort" situation. Why do I either want to get involved in something or go to sleep in the moments before getting ready for work.... I'm starting to forget those days when I actually worked days. Which disturbs me because I felt like i wanted back to days but then I feel like maybe now nights aren't so back.... I'm kind of at a loss. All I want is to have my schedule where I can make it to my football games and competitions.
Other things: Rob has yet to apply for a job or venture into furthering his education. I think Thursday maybe he will job hunt but I find that I must let him do whatever because the stress/frustration is not within my control.
House: we finally have my stainless steel kitchen, in which I need to post photos of....However the ceiling fan in our bedroom has been making a funny noise. Kind of like the sparky static electric something going on kind of noise? So I imagine that a call to an electrician may be in our near future.

Long story of my at-the-moment-life is I've kind of fallen of the wagon. Trying to get more pro-active vs reactive. Keep God first and always active in my thoughts/actions. Unpack/organize my mess of a house. Help the hubster progress and help our family's future. Lose a little weight and start a family. Boy- all that sounds exhausting... no wonder I want to take a nap before I get ready in 20 minutes for work (12 hour night shift, more like 13).

I hope everyone is having a good Jan.

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