Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday Wake--up

Good Morning... thought I'd break up my daily "house/dog sitter while my brother's family is out of town.." blog. My stay here on TN has been great, I hope it will give me that extra drive to push myself through nursing school so I can truly decide what/where/whatever I want in life. Sounds good, huh?
  • Interesting article about what free or low cost community things may or will go up in $$$... read it here... one of them is a parking fee for a park, $5 a day!!! Good Gracious- isn't Disney like $10 (universal is $12- outragous but still it's a theme park, not a grassy knoll with a few playground equipment & walking path...)
  • I've always been a long hair gal, I just like having options. My youngest niece says she wants to grow her hair, just like her sister... aww... so here is an article with 10 tips to growning long hair... just skip down until you see the numbered tips..
  • Want dome freebies? Get them here... some are for your birthday but others just involve sign ups..
  • One last note: Sunday there is "supposed" to be 4 inserts!!! Grab a paper! Suppor local economy!

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