Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday Tidbits.....

Well I accomplished a new milestone today, i guess. I took my niece (or any child ever) to the dentist! And it went pretty darn well.... I really hope it goes well whenever I have kids....
  • Big Brother: On at 8 tonight- YAY! Who will go home? I think Monet but I know better than to "bet" on that since alot of "pawns" to get sent home..... I really don't know who i want to win but i know a couple that I kind of don't!
  • Tomorrow Miss Holly comes home Yay! But saturday they all leave for Myrtle Beach....Then before you know it I'll be making that long-ish, boring drive South with Mr. Max.... Then hello school!
  • Saw an article about sandwiches in a can. Yeah I know, right? So here it is, I couldn't resist it.

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