Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gender & Christmas

Lily Lee will be here in 12 weeks. OMG!
With Christmas just 2 weeks away I can't believe how quickly time flies. 
I'm sure there are lots of things we still lack for Miss Lily but we have some essentials. 
In an effort to better re-purpose our finances we have canceled cable. 
Our tree is lacking the usual number of gifts but to be honest the things I really want can't fit under the tree. My healthy child to be born this March, to be able to get my Masters in Women's health (BSN first of course) without sacrificing my sleep and missing my daughters life and having finances to do so. I thought the latter I might have a plan to achieve but that has been revealed as a failed attempt. Not giving up but somewhat discouraged and lost on how to do so. I also find myself unsure of how my child will have care provided when mom & dad are at work. Unfortunately life is not a board game that you can just restart from the beginning of adulthood (not that I have regrets but I could have planned some things differently). Through and through I know I have God and some family by my side. I have an adoring husband that I love so much and can't imagine life without him. I'm thrilled to welcome our child next year and hopefully a few years later we can welcome a sibling for her. So there is no gift under the tree that could give me what I'd like this year, unless there is a winning 6 figure + lotto ticket under there (the baby thing is all God though). 
Now for some link love....
  • If anyone is in an extra giving nature, my baby registries are at &
  • On pinterest I found some cool stuff (of course that isn't anything new, pinterest rocks). Baby apps here   Baby tips here 
  • Check out the latest shopping trip of my fav coupon blogger Hip2Save here 
  • In an attempt to get more financially in shape with the upcoming birth of our baby I am trying to shave the grocery budget, found this interesting article (not sure if I can trim too much with it but still useful). 
Well that's all I got. My back hurts and the sleepiness is setting in....

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