Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Duck Dynasty, The Bible, & GMC...

At the moment I'm digging this song. And yes I am also watching Duck Dynasty (I thought to myself months ago "Duck show, what in the world". Though it would be boring but truth be told it is funny. Nothing wrong with a little mindless entertainment that makes you life)

  • I recently saw a preview for a show in the history channel called "The Bible". Looks good so I might DVR it. I could always use some more God in my life, especially with my current struggles with work. 
  • Do you have the GMC on your tv? I do and have been watching it hear and there for years. A few reasons why I like it is because they have awesome "uplifting" wholesome movies, also a pretty good show called Heartland. I admit I watch probably more than my fair share of tv but sometimes there is just too much garbage and I need something positive, not to mention I could leave the channel on 7 not have to turn it if my nieces came over because they don't have inappropriate content. 
09:00 AMgmc World Premiere Movie: Letters to GodLetters To God
11:00 AMgmc MoviesWoodcarver, The
01:00 PMgmc Movie: Facing the GiantsFacing The Giants
03:30 PMgmc World Premiere Movie: Abel's FieldAbel's Field
05:30 PMgmc Movie: FireproofFireproof
08:00 PMgmc World Premiere Movie: To Save A LifeTo Save A Life
10:30 PMgmc World Premiere Movie: A Warrior's HeartWarrior's Heart, A
12:30 AMgmc World Premiere Movie: To Save A LifeTo Save A Life
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That is this coming Sunday's schedule, I have seen a few of those so tune in if you can, you won't regret it!

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