Sunday, September 22, 2013


Picture 1: My beautiful nieces, Holly & Kayla at the last football game
Picture 2: Miss Kayla in the pretty guard uniform, theme Disney princesses
Picture 3:  Miss Holly winning Homecoming queen (I cried)
Picture 4: My baby bump, aka baby wattsy at 16 weeks gestation

So at 16 weeks now, really 16 1/2. Went through a period of backaches, now just once in awhile. Frequent headaches, most likely stress and/or allergy related. Baby's heart rate is 145, no movement yet. Next appointment the sonogram! YAY!!!

So I have a most of the "needs" for the baby...
-Donated crib (not put together yet and dad probably bringing my baby crib too)
- my mom bought a dresser & stroller/car seat combo
- few clothing items
- a starter bath set
-wipes & diapers
-starter set of bottles & pacifier

Of course there are tons of "wants" but if I fast forwarded 5 months, I'd have enough to bring home baby without a major "I'm not ready" meltdown. Will probably get a mattress in the next few weeks. And after we know the gender in a month will add lots of stuff to the registry (like baby blankets, clothes, whatever I haven't added due to gender influenced colors).

We are pretty excited around here. Baby on the way, favorite season is here (fall), football games and competitions starting soon, potential for my nieces to be in a Disney world parade, etc. Hopefully God will continue to bless our family, our growing baby-to-be, our jobs/finances, our pets (aka babies), our home and cars, and of course of family and hearts! I hope everyone is having a blessed Fall like we are and that it will continue through to the new year!!!

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