Monday, July 15, 2013

6 weeks and counting...

So in a few days we'll hit the 7 week mark. I wish I were skinny and not bloated because I feel like my tummy is sticking out more than usual but I know it is too early for the "bump". So far routine nausea but no vomiting. So I have been checking out maternity clothes because sooner probably than later I'm going to need some. I was pretty bloated when I went to the Drs so my jeans were a bit tight. Maternity clothes are $$$. So I think my plan is to make trip next month to the motherhood maternity outlet and check out places like old navy and kohls. Of course I will have to buy some scrubs, probably will buy one set fairly soon to just check it out before I need it. That will cost me at least $50 just for 1 set.... ridiculous! Might see if I can just were my scrubs low and get bigger tops... like walmart style??? I will have to make it through winter so we will see what I can still use.
I just had to get my dog in from outside and noticed 5 webs with spiders on my deck (note this AM there were none as I had made sure). Creepy... too dark to defeat myself so I sprayed them with wasp spray and will let hubby take webs down in am. Then time to invest in spider spray!!!! Maybe we should invest in pest control too... ahh the expenses of home ownership and adulthood.

So I did some research on how to save on maternity clothes, best tips so far are here. Of course I'm a big old navy person so you can bet I'll buy something from them.... I just hope my winter coat fits, if not I guess I might have to steal hubby's?

In the next 10 days I probably won't have much to post but might manage something... since my schedule is crazy I'll mainly be working and sleeping (wish more sleep than work but unfortunately that isn't how my job works, one can only hope maybe I will get a school nurse job or something..). But in just over a week near the end of my horrible schedule I will get my first ultrasound of baby watts!

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