Wednesday, May 16, 2018

My new planner...

This is my first experience with Plum Paper (they are not paying me for this, I just wanted to share it)
What I love is the ability to customize it. There are tons of options for additional sections (school, work, teacher, fitness, home, etc....). You can customize the cover too. Warning it isn't cheap like an off the shelf planner but I feel like this investment in personalization with help me stick with goals and planning... at least here is hoping.
Are you curious? Go to Plum Paper to check it out!
That should be my referral link, I can earn a small amount if you order over a certain amount. Then I can use it to build my next planner! If my referral link doesn't work leave your email & I wi;; email you a link through the Plum Paper referral service! 

Saturday, March 3, 2018

What is the hardest thing in the world?

So after I watched the Trump thing I went to the doc on Netflix with Leo Decaprio on Global Warming. 
Seriously? I guess I was on a roll but anyways it was an eye-opening bucket of sadness. Only because God gave us this great land and we are taking it for granted. Like most things in America, we abuse it, take advantage, use it up until nothing is left worth anything. (I do love the USA don't get me wrong) I just hate that we have gotten to this place, you know? 
How does the governmental organization for environment protection consist of a lot of people getting paid by Big Oil... um, Conflict of interest much????? If this was healthcare and a doctor being paid by big Pharma prescribes addictive drugs then licenses would be lost and criminal prosecution. What is the difference? 
I fell like I have robbed my children of the idealist happy life with greenery, thriving nature, healthily grown substance, animals at peace. 
Why does the world have so much hate, destruction, & abuse? 
Is this Sodam & Gomorrah? 
Can we change? Myself? Americans? The World?

I have a heart of gold but I know that change is a personal mountain that I often fall down rather than plant a flag on top of. I need to change my actions towards social responsibility and personal responsibility for my health, my longevity in this world and leading my daughters to err on the side of goodness and not destruction (of themselves, others, or our planet). 

(personal quests begin now)
Me: Yesterday I did some ab work, I'm going to do some after this post. If I can do it for 7 days in a row I'm going to add something. 
Mother Earth: I'm going to try to quit my addiction to plastic disposable utensils. I'm going to buy some metal spoons & forks (my family uses a lot so we don't have enough). I hate dishes but I hate wasting money and be a contributor to the problem. 

What are you going to do?

Friday, March 2, 2018

Dirty Money

So I recently stumbled upon this show on Netflix called Dirty Money. It has some great investigative stories about various things and they have been pretty interesting. I'm on the Trump one right now. I feel like sick to my stomach watching it. First of all, I usually don't discuss things like politics or the president because it is an invitation for others to respond negatively. Which I'm not a fan of inviting negative energy. Anyways, I did not vote for Trump and could go on a tangent on how this guy like How? Did this guy get to be president? Watching this show about how he is mainly just a big name, a spoiled rich kid that has done some business with super shady people (like terrorists). I feel like I just woke up in bed with Donald Trump I wanna go cry in the shower while I dry heave all the way there. Haha

Talk to me in 10 years... I love America but I fully acknowledge it is seriously flawed in most areas. We have problems that may never get fixed. I'm not scared because I have God but the potential futures of this land make me sad. What happened to Ethics? To stewardship? To improving our land and our people? To love, respect, & peace?

But check out Dirty Money, you don't have to watch the Trump episode but they are all pretty appalling and yet the effects are still felt.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Motivate, Encourage, Uplift, Mentor...

First of all, I want to say that I should be studying but I'm not perfect. Now to my point...

It has come to me a realization that I want to inspire, motivate, & mentor. I had an experience where I was maybe uplifting someone with positive encouragement. You see I've always believed that a person (ie myself) can be whomever they want to, do whatever career choice they desire. If you have the drive and determination then you achieve your goals. So I also believe this to be true for everyone.

I don't live in Fantasyland so I know there are real boundaries in the world, obstacles, speed bumps, and long journeys. But I still believe that if you are willing then you can... I would not be in the middle of a master's degree program if I did not believe this.

I think I used to think that they only way I could deliver this message as through supporting my nieces. And now I feel like I still have that support or advice to give (my nieces don't need me for that). So I probably won't go into some major thing while I'm busting butt in school but I think it will be a real part of my future. Maybe I can join a mentoring group or start something. Maybe at a high school or YMCA. Maybe I can get other local professionals who share my desire to join in. I'm not political but I am aware of needs and changes that could improve certain populations.

I'm a positive person, I'm a hard working, I thoroughly enjoy helping others and get high off it. Because uplifting others is uplifting to my soul...

Sunday, February 18, 2018

You have got to watch this...

Hacksaw Ridge

I want to start off by saying this movie is graphic, in the blood and guts sense of things. That probably helps to get you emotionally connected to the real-life experience of Dos. However, the message and feeling this movie can elicit in someone is profound and should not be missed. 
Why do I love this movie?
I tend to like some military movies (The Guardian, Private Benjamin, Officer & a Gentleman, etc) and this movie is more along The Guardian in that it has some realism to it and a little bit love story but that part is background music to the message or meaning. 
I'm not going to give the plot away but it made me motivated and that I am not on earth to service myself but to serve others and God. That the superficial garbage is just that. That I totally understand that dying for your country thing. I know people fear to join the service and dying but as someone who has had thoughts of joining I have not feared my own death because I know the greater good it could service if it happened. However, being a spouse I know my view shifts when I think of my loved one joining because it is focused on my potential losses. It is not focused on the duty of service and dignity in dying. 
Regardless of how you feel about the military, please watch this movie because this man was the definition of courageous, I only hope to be half as much. 

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Week 4 Pharma (+opinion poll)

Just updating you on the life of a graduate student, a graduate student in the healthcare world.

I took my 2nd exam and passed so I'm glad about that but nothing can make me happy unless I get a 95% or better. I just need to stockpile points so I can have a good gap for the final.

I'm learning GI but truthfully it is all a little bit of repeat because I've learned some already thru my first RN program and from being a hospital nurse. But I will say that isn't quite the same as the role of "provider" aka script giver. My time looking up drugs and consulting the pharmacy will be reduced because you only get 15 minutes with a patient unless you are doing an annual. No one knows it all, especially with the constant changes in healthcare, but I hope my patients won't mind if I consult my clinical apps, verify things, and then implement the plan. I know I wouldn't mind because I'd rather have the best care, not guessed care.

How would you feel if your provider (NP, MD, etc) used a smartphone/tablet to look up something regarding your health?

I'd really love some patient insight on this.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Is this a coincidence?

Ok people, about to have mind blow..... well maybe not quite that supermassive of a deal but get this.

In 2011 Ashton Kutcher starred in a movie called No Strings Attached.

Also in 2011, Mila Kunis starred in Friends with Benefits. 

They weren't even together (I'm pretty sure?). Of course, it all started with the awesome That 70's Show but who would have thought that they would each be starring in movies that were about the tribulations of sex within friendship. Wonder what it would have been like if they had just starred in the same movie together... Either way, I'm glad they are married with kids because they are a cute and I'd like to believe a really sweet family/.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

If it were easy, everyone would do it...

Dear Diary,

I've in mid week 2 and have had longer than I will have on future exams to prepare for the first one. Yet I feel unprepared, I feel unsure of what I know, unsure if what I think I need to know is really what I'll be tested on. I feel stuck. I can't seem to throw myself into this studying habit. I'm afraid it will take a devastating event to get my engine started.

But I've taken several Quizlet quizzes with 100% each, some matching matches.

I started with a fleeting "yes, I can smash this exam I'm going to get it done!." Now I'm just scared.

This is what graduate school feels like... at least for me. The rollercoaster of graduate school...

So there but for the grace of God...

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Week one Pharming

I'm back to school for term number 5. I'm stressed and have dreaded this course since before I opened my admission letter. I could use some prayers but I'm going to try my darnedest to complete this with success. So it's looking like my blogging days are on hold, we'll see. My job is school, my future plans depend on it. So happy new year, happy spring, happy growth in new things...